Local Fusion Sports UK team 'All3motion' race Ironman Austria


For the UK Fusion team, triathlon is more than a job it's a way of life. Twenty three local age groupers entered ironman austria with the gola of training together and racing as individuals.

all team members finished with notable performances from 25-29 age grouper max dillon (fusion uk ops manager), with a finish time of 9hours 11minutes and richard ashton who completed the course in 9hours 9minutes. richard's result gave him qualification for the ironman world championships in kona (full team results below).

the team raced in red mens tri tops and tri pwr tights with gel pockets.

Richard Ashton  09:09:47

Max Dillon  09:11:45

James Peet  09:29:20

Jamie Hawthorn  10:08:02

Marcus Cookham  10:25:15

Rob Creighton  10:29:05

Michael Shannon  10:29:35

John Dennis  10:32:11

Eddie Lawley  10:32:15

Jamie Cousins  11:16:17

David Abraham  11:16:43

Dean Barton  11:18:15

Alex Smith  11:25:44

Stephen James  11:25:55

Robert Cope  11:45:29

Nigel Burdett  11:49:01

Dean Campbell  11:52:27

Kevin O'Rourke  12:02:02

Mike Staten  12:04:30

Carl Porter  12:23:32

Phil Shrimpton  12:53:40

Jeremy Church  12:54:51

Andy Hood  13:17:55

Jacquie Maycock  16:22:02

Burti Montagu-Leon  16:25:29

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