Henrik Hyldelund wins IM Copenhagen 2014


Henrik Hyldelund had a simple tactics for KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen:

Swim fast and then outbike everyone.

In the inaugural KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen last year the 29-year-old Dane got caught on the final kilometers of the run by Jens Petersen-Bach. To avoid that fate this year Hyldelund trailed Spain’s Clemente Alonso-McKernan (45:58) by 11 seconds with German favorite Timo Bracht just a few seconds behind. Just 60 km into the bike, though, Hyldelund was three minutes ahead of Bracht and Alonso-McKernan. By the end of the ride the gap was even bigger: 10:51 to Bracht, while Alonso-McKernan was 13:51 behind. While everyone expected a battle in the marathon, the strong runners seemed to suffer early thanks to the windy, cool and rainy conditions. While Bracht made up a minute in the first three km, he was not able to gain more time on the Danish leader. While Hyldelund kept a steady pace in front, the German favorite had to deal with tired legs and a strong Spaniard coming from behind. Clemente-Alonso eventually moved into second at the 25 km point.

Hyldelund’s solid run (2:56:59) meant a second consecutive win for Denmark at KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen in 8:03:39.

“This race was far above my own expectations,” said the winner. Behind him it was a close race for second, with Alonso-McKernan getting to the line in 8:10:53 thanks to the day’s second-best marathon (2:49:25), with Bracht just a few seconds behind in 8:11:32.

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